Piedmont Gun Club


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Constitution and By-Law Committee of the Piedmont Rifle and Pistol Club, INC.

Alwyn R. Brock

Fred Burgin Jr.

Bob Howard

Scott Walker


  1. Gun safety is a paramount concern of the Piedmont Gun Club. Members shall be responsible for their safety and the safety of their guests.
  2. There shall be no consumption of alcoholic beverages allowed on club property.
  3. No club member or guest will be permitted to fire on any of the club ranges under the influence of intoxicating beverages or drugs.
  4. The upper range facilities can be operational during a registered rifle match. During registered matches all other rifle ranges shall be closed.
  5. Weapons shall be loaded and fired only on designated firing points or as designated by personnel in charge. Their shall not be any one allowed down range at any time there is firing on that range.
  6. Weapons on the firing points will be pointed down-range at all times.
  7. Any equipment thought to be unsafe, destructive, harmful, or otherwise unpredictable will not be allowed on ranges at any time.
  8. No full auto or multiple shot firearms allowed. (Multiple shots fired with one pull of the trigger)
  9. No clam shell muzzle breaks allowed. (Ported break pointing back toward firing line)
  10. No .50 BMG allowed. (Center fire case capacity can not exceed 150 grains of powder)
  11. No tracers or incendiary projectiles allowed. (Projectiles containing highly flammable substances that will cause a fire on impact)
  12. No armor piercing projectiles of any caliber will be allowed. (A projectile designed to pierce metal)
  13. No cannons or mortars allowed. (Military or non-military type artillery pieces)
  14. All club members who use the club property shall police their area when finished.
  15. There shall be no litter left on club property.
  16. Brass should be picked up as much as possible.
  17. No gun firing a bottleneck case is allowed on the pistol range.
  18. There shall be no firing until after 9:00 AM on any range on Sunday.


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Range Fees

  1. A range fee of $15.00 a day for nonmember guest on all but trap and skeet ranges.
  2. Club member will collect fees from guest and turn them over to the Treasurer.
  3. Club members are allowed (3) guest per year free. Example; A club member could bring (1) person on three different days, or (3) people for one day at no charge, per calendar year.
  4. The club will allow members to bring their Spouse, and legal children with them to use the rifle and pistol ranges at no charge. Spouse and children will pay the same amount per round for skeet or trap as a member pays.
  5. Price for trap and skeet are set by the club, and are posted at each range.
  6. The club will allow members to shoot registered pistol, and rifle matches for half of normal fee.


  1. There shall be no consumption of alcoholic beverages allowed on club property.
  2. There will be no work exchanged for dues.
  3. Annual dues are $120.00 a year for all active members in the club through March 11, 2010. After that date members annual dues are $175.00.
  4. The Membership Pledge shall be on the application form.
  5. In case of an emergency the club expenditures shall not exceed $1,000.00 provided funds are available in the treasury and approved by the Treasurer and at least two other members of the Executive Committee.